A Dynamic Team
With Crate Loads of Experience

We are a team of event logistics experts, offering organisers premium project management services and exhibitors high quality, efficient transportation and onsite handling for any event.

You can benefit from our friendly team who can provide you with free help and advice to reassure you that you have made the best handling arrangements for your shipment no matter the location.

When it comes to making your arrangements with us, this can be done at a click of a button via our user friendly, easy to follow online booking system. Logistics has never been so easy!

Health & Safety

We Don’t Risk It

European International Fairs Ltd take health and safety seriously and understand how important it is to safeguard the health and safety of others at any event we project manage.

As a supporter of the g-Guide, we identify the standards which are expected and we agree to operate at those levels.

Our staff are IOSH trained so are actively involved in assessing and controlling risks and hazards at any event.

Onsite we only use certificated equipment to carry out our services. We vigorously test all equipment on a daily basis before use to make sure it is compliant.


Joining The Scene to Keep It Green

Here at European International Fairs Ltd, we understand the importance of sustainable practices and development. We recognise the effects that current actions will have in the future must be considered. Here are some of the social, economic and environmental ways which encourage us and others to become more conscientious.

  • Consolidation of freight where possible
  • Long term storage options to avoid unnecessary transportation
  • Economical advice provided to clients regarding “greenest” shipping methods
  • Low direct unloading / reloading cost to encourage clients to reuse their space only stands
  • Hiring of electric plant hire over diesel or petrol where possible
  • CO2 emission measuring / reports to make customers aware and mindful of their carbon footprint
  • Waste management of packing material
  • Fully compliant with international standards of employment and work conditions
  • Regular staff development and support
  • Strong focus on customers satisfaction
  • Commitment to our increasing performance and services